Estate-Pro GIC


Investors who choose the GIC’s provided by an Insurance Company realize all of the benefits of any guaranteed investment. In addition, investors automatically receive benefits only available from insurance company investments. Here is a list of the many benefits provided by one of our top suppliers, Manulife Financial:


>No surrender charges at death

  • -Beneficiary receives original deposits plus any accumulated interest.

>Ability to bypass probate and legal fees

  • -Ability to designate beneficiaries allows GIC proceeds to be paid out directly to the beneficiary, avoiding the delay and cost of probate and other legal and estate fees on death.
  • -Available on registered and non-registered plans.

>Potential Creditor Protection

  • -Available under most provincial insurance laws.


  • -Policy year tax reporting can defer tax payable.
  • -Potential Pension Income tax Credit eligibility for clients over age 65.
  • -Ability to appoint a successor annuitant for non-registered contracts. In the event of the primary annuitant’ s death, the successor annuitant will automatically become the primary annuitant and the contract will continue with all terms and interest rates intact.


  • -Receive payments higher or lower than interest earned.
  • -Minimum, Level, Indexed, or Maximum (for LIF and LRIF only).
  • -Ability to change payment each year with no charge.

>Choose Payment Frequency

  • -Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually (option to change each year with no charge)

>Term Withdrawal Order

  • -Lowest Rate Term First Option.
  • -Payments funded with interest from the terms(s) with the lowest interest rates first.
  • -Pro-Rated Across All Terms Option.
  • -Payments funded proportionately, according to balance in each individual term at the time of the payment.

>10% Free Withdrawal Option

  • -Once each year, in addition to scheduled payments, clients may withdraw up to 10% of the value of their contract (to a max. of $10,000) as income, without surrender charges.

Many of these benefits are unavailable through banks, trust companies and mutual fund organizations. As well to compete directly with Banks, Trust Companies and Credit Unions many insurance companies are now offering the following competitive investment options:

Laddered Account

Deposit divided equally over ladder length (1-5 or 1-10 years) and each term is given the same rate. Term automatically renews into longest term of ladder at the current rate.

Escalating Rate Account

Rates of return increase each year of term. Available in 3 and 5-year terms.

Market Growth Account

Links investment returns to growth of market-based investments selected by Manulife Investments with a minimum 100% guarantee of principal. Available during limited time periods.

In addition, the value of your investment in an Insurance Company provided GIC is protected by third party insurance. Assuris (formerly known as CompCorp) insurance protects your investment in the case of insolvency, up to specific limits. For more information about Assuris (formerly known as CompCorp) protection, please visit their Web site at

The following provide rates of return on GICs

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